Our Portable Access Control System provides a total solution to your site security and access control needs.

Our fleet of anti-vandal PACS units, complete with Turnstile offers a variety of office sizes and a choice of biometric or electronic access control systems.


    Our solution removes the need to purchase or hire individual components, e.g. turnstile, access control equipment or portable buildings


    Experienced people delivering friendly and flexible solutions.


    If you need assistance, ask a professional through our website and we will find the right solution for your needs.

  • Want to see our cabins in action? Head over to the gallery!


Turnstile Cabins

  •    Telephone 0845 230 2301
  •    Email info@wgsearch.co.uk



Latest News

Going out next week –   A Freestanding Turnstile to Gateshead, a 3.00m Compact to Gloucester and a 5.20m Turnstile Cabin to Lincoln. Call Mark now on 0845 230 2301 if you have a requirement for a PACs Turnstile Cabin.

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